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The Onk Chapter was founded by a group of passionate recreational fishers that are motivated to seek better environmental improvement along the Onkaparinga River. Due to clearing of vegetation, littering and pollution, the fishery is under threat. Their aim is to restore aquatic habitat in the river. 

Onkaparinga River Reserve is located just 35 km south of the Adelaide CDB. It's the perfect spot for rockclimbing, abseiling, kayaking and canoeing. https://goo.gl/r5qfjY #NationalParksSA

Posted by National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia on Friday, 16 June 2017


Gone Fishing Day 2017

Our South Australian Chapter hosted a day of information and habitat restoration at their Gone Fishing Day event. A tent display illustrated the history of the river and the habitat loss over time.  Demonstrations were  given on how the Chapter plans to reinstate the habitat with specially constructed woody debris piles.

Restoration of Perry’s Bend. Chapter members are currently undertaking river bank restoration activities at Perry’s Bend. They hope to reduce the impacts of erosion by planting trees and installing snags and concrete blocks. These structures also provide much needed habitat for native fish.

      Stage 1 Complete! November 2017 OzFish Onkaparinga Chapter members delivered 180 limestone blocks as new substrate to the bed of the Onkaparinga River. Early sounding results and observations have shown fish using the area already. It is anticipated these limestone blocks will soon be colonized with mussels, barnacles, coraline tubeworms and oysters.

      Stage 2. Stay tuned. The Chapter will be replacing the ‘missing’ critical component of woody debris along shoreline. 

The Chapater would like to thank RecFish SA and  the Recreation Fishing Grants Programme.

Fishers Tackling Fish Habitat Issues in the Onkaparinga. OzFish Onkaparinga Chapter has a number of other aquatic restoration activities in their sights. PDF

Westlakes Artificial Reefs. RecFish SA , Charles Sturt University, OzFish and a group of passionate recreational fishers have partnered up for the installation of several artificial reefs into West Lakes Inlet, Adelaide. The project encompasses a new concept and involved the installation of suspended ‘reef tiles’, some of which will be seeded with spat from the native flat oyster (Ostrea angasi). It is anticipated that these floating reef structures, with native flat oysters, will attract a range of fish species, including black bream and mulloway, along with a range of other marine life. Read more

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