OzFish Facebook Photo Competition April/May 2018

What a competition! Thousands of photos submitted and they all told a story. There were lots of small fish but big smiles, there were lots of big fish and big smiles and plenty with no fish and still big smiles. It’s what fishing is all about to us here at OzFish.

There were photos from cities and from the back of beyond, we loved seeing the places you fish. There were plenty of fish that anyone would have been rightly proud to catch with some huge cod, barra, jewies, mackerel and tuna. A lot were a first fish or a first fish of species and even though some weren’t the perfect professional snap, they all told a fishing experience story. All up, what these photos said to us was – “We love fishing just us much as catching fish, we love fishing with our families and our mates, we even found love through fishing. Most of all we just love the experiences we have when we fish”.

If you love fishing as much as we do why not think about joining or supporting OzFish? Our only aim is to help fishers protect or improve the places you like to fish!

To the Winners the spoils and thanks to for their support:


Winner #1 for Best Photo – Scott Hilton 


Winner #2 for Most Liked Photo – Levi Bell


Well done! Your rod and reel will be on their way as soon as we have your address.

Here are 146 photos that we thought were outstanding!  


Also congratulations to the finalists: Brook Legosz, Ian Hoots Cowie, Josh Collins and Rebecca Taylor.

Until the next comp….. enjoy your fishing 🙂