OzFish’n our Future Female Fishers!

OzFish’s “Snagger Brown” is helping to inspire the next generation of female anglers to get into fishing and to learn about the importance of fish habitat. Speaking at the Lure of Leadership – All Girls Fishing for the Future Program today at the Nowra Youth Centre, she said the next breed of female anglers will be exceptional role models for all Aussie anglers, young and old. “Let’s be honest, we’re bloody good at fishing! And we need more female anglers like this group of girls who are so passionate and driven, to help secure the future of fishing in Australia and to make that happen we need them to learn about habitat.” The event was funded by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust and is a partnership between the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Recreational and Indigenous Fisheries Management) and the Shoalhaven Local Area Command, run with the assistance of the Nowra Youth Centre. Sponsors included BCF South Nowra, Shimano and Fishing World Magazine.

Boni and the girls at the Nowra Youth Centre for the All Girls Fishing for the Future Program

“I’ve achieved lots of little things and some very big things in my local community over the years, but to be invited to connect with young women as a positive role model in the field of rec’ fishing was extra special. They were ADORABLE and an inspiration. They made me realise how important my work is to me personally – something I lose sight of at times trying to do it all – juggle deadlines, kids, domestics and just life in general. Whether they become high profile female anglers, work at a tackle shop, become a fishing journo or work for the government in some way – it doesn’t matter. We need more young women like this, they’re at the perfect age to take women in fishing to the next level and along the way, make sure that every angler understands how important a healthy fish habitat is to the future of our sport. Good luck today girls at your fishing comp for the Uncle Ray Memorial Trophy – you set some awesome goals yesterday on what you want to catch…now go and do it!”

Bonita ‘Snagger Brown’, Director of Communications at OzFish Unlimited.