Not only tackling litter, recycling and repurposing it!

Recreational fishers are important custodians of our natural environment. Many fishers take pride in making sure that rubbish associated with their recreational fishing activities is disposed of in the most appropriate manner. There is now a great opportunity to improve recreational fishers’ engagement to ensure that fishing waste is not only kept out of our precious environments but also that it is recycled and repurposed into new products.



Making a positive impact on the environment while educating the community about responsible fishing practices.

The specialised tangle bins will provide fishing waste disposal infrastructure at 10 popular fishing locations across Darwin and Palmerston that are frequently accessed by the local recreational fishing community, increasing the drive for recreational fishers and the wider community to pick up and dispose of used fishing line, hooks and bait packaging, that could otherwise end up in our waterways.


Tangle Bin locations:

Buffalo Creek Boat ramp, East Point Reserve BBQ area (near Rocksitters club), Elizabeth River Boat ramp, Nightcliff Jetty, Palmerston – Durack Lake #6, Palmerston – Sanctuary Lake carpark, Rapid Creek Fishing Platform, Stokes Hill Wharf Fishing Platform.

Locations have been selected with support from City of Darwin Council, City of Palmerston, Darwin Waterfront Corporation and NT Parks and Wildlife.

Fishers see themselves as stewards of the environment.

These innovative bins will recycle discarded line and other fishing tackle and are part of OzFish’s ongoing commitment to protecting our aquatic environments, marine life, and facilitating improved stewardship in the fishing community. This is a model that has been rolled out successfully in other states with positive results. Click here to read about the project in the Gold Coast, QLD.

Call for volunteers.

OzFish recognizes that real change requires community involvement. To further its mission, the organization is partnering with AFANT and calling on the local community to get involved in this initiative. Volunteers are needed to help monitor and maintain the tangle bins, ensuring that they remain effective in keeping our waters clean and safe for all to enjoy.


Tangle Bins make it easy to dispose of your unwanted tackle and keep your favourite fishing spots clean and safe.



NOVEMBER 2023 | Tangle bins initiative helps to keep Northern Territory fishing spots clean

In a first for the Northern Territory, OzFish Unlimited is installing tangle bins in high-traffic fishing spots around Darwin and Palmerston lakes to help keep these areas free of stray fishing gear.  These permanent bins are being set up in eight designated areas where recreational fishers like to wet a line. OzFish will then recycle the discarded line and other fishing tackle as part of its Tackle Loop initiative.  In collaboration with the Amateur Fishermen’s Association NT (AFANT) and with funding from the NT Recreational Fishing Grants Scheme, OzFish will be working with the fishing community to deliver this exciting program.  AFANT CEO David Ciaravolo said his organisation was pleased to partner with OzFish on the project. 

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This project is funded by Northern Territory Government, Northern Territory Recreational Fishers Grants Scheme (NTRFGS) in partnership with Amateur Fishermen’s Association Northern Territory (AFANT). The project is also supported by BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing and the local recreational angling community.