130km of fishing line


43 bins

installed throughout SEQ

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Tangle Bins have been installed in target areas within South East Queensland since 2019.

There are now 43 bins that get monitored and sorted by a dedicated team of volunteers. The bins give fishers the ability to do the right thing and put their discarded tackle into strategically placed, purpose built bins.

OzFish volunteers empty and audit the contents of a bin once a week or fortnight, taking roughly 10 minutes per bin. All data feeds directly into our database through an online form.

Tangle Bin Audit Form      Line Estimate Guide

2022-2023 Gold Coast Tackle Bin Data


It’s fantastic to see that the hooks being used are made of mild-steel instead of stainless steel. This choice ensures that any lost hooks will rust away in a short time, minimizing their impact on the environment. Additionally, using barbless hooks is a great idea as it makes releases easy and promotes responsible fishing practices.


Thanks to your efforts, we are recycling your sinkers! The sinkers you’ve placed in our tackle bins can undergo a transformative revival when gathered and melted, ultimately repurposing them into functional dive weights. Your contribution is making a real difference and promoting a sustainable approach to fishing.

Bait Packaging

By using the tackle bins provided for your bait packaging, you are actively preventing these items from entering the waterways. Your commitment helps keep these areas beautiful for many fishers to enjoy, contributing to the preservation of natural environments. Keep up the good work!

Lures & Floats

It’s fantastic to witness the proper disposal of lures and floats. Your actions are crucial in maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems, fostering sustainable fishing practices, and increasing the safety of fellow anglers engaging in recreational activities near water bodies. Keep up the positive impact!

Fishing Wire

We’ve recycled an impressive 28.4 km of fishing wire, a distance greater than from Surfers Paradise to the Gold Coast Airport in Coolangatta! Your contribution to recycling fishing wire is a significant step in keeping it out of the river and landfills, benefiting the environment and your tackle. Did you know that bio-line is now available at leading tackle retailers? Check it out next time you’re there for an even more eco-friendly option.

We need volunteers to empty and sort Tangle Bins at fishing spots around the Gold Coast. Please register your interest through the form below.

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Latest News

OCTOBER 28, 2021 | Southeast Queensland Recreational Anglers Asked To Look After Their Tackle

OzFish Unlimited, are today calling on Queensland rec fishers to look after their tackle in a bid to reduce fishing litter in local waterways with more ways to get involved. The campaign has seen some of Australia’s finest fishing influencers challenge each other to tie the fastest FG knot, and now the focus is on anglers within Southeast Queensland to get onboard. The campaign aims to ensure that recreational fishers within the region are making sure their hooks, lures and sinkers stay well attached to their mainline by tying a solid knot.

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This initiative will not be possible without the support of the Queensland Government and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.