With the help of recreational fishers and local community members, OzFish has empowered Adelaideans to replant a record 15,000 seagrass seeds along its beaches.


Seeds for Snapper returned for its second year in Adelaide and it built on the previous year’s success. More than 400 local recreational fishers, boaters, beachcombers, and members of the wider community combined to disperse over 15,000 seeds during 2,174 volunteer hours.


23 APRIL 2022 | ABC LANDLINE Saving Seagrass: People power restoring seagrass meadows

Reporter Cassie Hough visited our Seeds For Snapper project during the summer of 2021 to find out what the project is all about. Seagrass - often dismissed as seaweed - is fundamental to the aquatic food chain, but seagrass meadows across the globe are in decline. A people-powered restoration trial off the Adelaide coast trying to reverse this trend.

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30 January 2022 | Underwater gardeners replanting Adelaide’s seagrass

As the program concludes its second year, OzFish and its army of underwater gardeners have now dropped 800 sandbags into the water, which equates to0.8 hectare of coverage on the seafloor, making Seeds For Snapper one of the largest community-led seagrass restoration projects in the country.

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17 NOVEMBER 2021 | OzFish To Kick-Off Second Year Of Seagrass Restoration Program In Adelaide

Seagrass meadows along South Australia’s coastline will again be the focus of community-driven restoration as fishing conservation charity OzFish gears up for its second year of Seeds For Snapper. The project will see locals collect, process, and disperse thousands of seagrass fruits in a bid to restore seagrass meadows that have been lost due to human intervention. OzFish is calling on recreational fishers, boat owners and the wider community to register now as volunteers and be part of history-making seagrass restoration for Adelaide’s coastlines.

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25 June 2021 | Green Adelaide boosts OzFish Adelaide’s seagrass restoration initiative

A hugely successful seagrass restoration project along Adelaide’s coastal waters has shown habitat loss can be reversed through community-driven restoration and the results have the potential to turn the tide for these under threat ecosystems.

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Green Adelaide, the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, Estuary Care Foundation, the Environment Protection Authority SA, South Australian Research Development Institute and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.